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Buthelezi also in Cape Town today
Inkatha Mangosuthu Buthelezi will be in Cape Town today, as will African National Congress Deputy President Nelson Mandela.

Inkatha Mangosuthu Buthelezi will be in Cape Town today, as will African National Congress Deputy President Nelson Mandela, who will be meeting State President FW de Klerk - but there are no known plans for them to meet in the city. Both Buthelezi and Mandala said this week they were committed to the private discussions so badly needed to help bring peace in Natal, but there is still no indication when these talks will be held. 

A source close to the ANC leadership said yesterday "it was possible" that Buthelezi and Mandela would "bump into each other in Cape Town". However, there were no plans he was aware of, for any talks in the city at this time. Mandela will be in Cape Town for the informal discussions with State President FW de Klerk which replace the "talks about talks" called off by the ANC last week. Buthelezi is also to participate in talks with De Klerk along with other leaders of non-independent homelands, as part of de Klerk's negotiation process. Since a joint rally scheduled for Monday of this week was called off, both Mandela and Buthelezi have reiterated their willingness to meet for private talks. Two other attempts to get peace efforts going were made in Pietermaritzburg yesterday. 

Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, fresh from discussions with both sides- a lengthy "pastoral visit" to Buthelezi as well as talks with Mandela - met with local church leaders before leaving on a lengthy tour of the worst stricken areas. He said he had no doubt that both Mandela and Buthelezi were committed to peace but it had to be remembered both were members of organisations and he added: "It will not do for the leaders to be too out of step with their followers." 

Tutu said the church wanted to "bring about a meeting of minds" and to facilitate talks. Referring to the midlands conflict, he said: "We are desperately anxious about the loss of life and the loss of property here." A second peace effort yesterday was headed by Imbali community leader Albert Hlope. He invited a number of people to discussions in the City Hall. The meeting, however was inconclusive a some key invited representatives did not arrive.

This article originally appeared in the Weekly Mail.