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The Mail & Guardian and the Weekly Mail have reported on Nelson Mandela since the 1980s. Many of those stories have now been digitised for the first time, and can be read in our archive. Use the arrows and blocks below to scroll through 25 years of Madiba history.

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The move "will send a clear message to the world that those of us in the nation's capital fully support the efforts to free Mandela..."
A fact-finding delegation of Liberal International Parliamentarians has asked permission for a second time to visit imprisoned ANC leader Mandela.
Front-page apology ends news boycott
The 10-week boycott of the Daily Dispatch has ended after a front-page apology by the newspaper's management.

Winnie Mandela has not returned to her house because of her lawyers fears for her safety.
The State President quotes him to prove a point... People risk detention to demand his release. Patrick Laurence on the Mandela mystique.
Letter to the Editor:Weekly Mail September 27 to October 3 1985.

Don't send Mandela to Lusaka, says ANC
After her visit yesterday, Mrs Mandela spoke briefly to the press. She is banned and cannot be quoted, but she had nothing to add to the speculation.
Howard Barrell tells how he went off in search of Nelson Mandela's freedom and nearly lost his life.
Three things emerge from the recent flurry of rumours that Nelson Mandela was about to be released from prison.

The London borough of Southwark joined a growing list of towns and cities by naming a new road "Mandela Way".
Political symbol: Mandela's picture can't be printed, but his influence grows
That Nelson Mandela will soon be released from prison is common cause. Less certain is what effect this will have on the country. Anton Harber reports
Senior Advocate George Bizos was due to fly to Cape Town late yesterday for further consultations with Nelson Mandela in Pollsmoor Prison.

The first legal photo of Nelson Mandela in 22 years
Everyone knows his name and what he stands for. But almost no-one knows what Nelson Mandela looks like.
Howe said he did not yet know if a meeting with Mandela would be possible, but this was "one of the objectives" of his trip to South Africa.
A polemic on behalf of the jailed black leader by the eminent American writer Susan Sontag.

Invisible Man
The picture of Mandela has vanished...
Makaziwe Mandela was nine when her father was sentenced to life imprisonment. Benjamin Pogrund speaks to Nelson Mandela's daughter.
Mandela today
As told by a colleague who spent three years with him. Journalist recently released after seven years in prison.

For the first time in a South African newspaper: a glimpse behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.
Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi, recently released after seven years in prison, continues his series on life behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.
In January 1985 PW Botha told parliament that he would consider releasing Mandela if the ANC leader renounced violence.

It was raining in London on the day they released Mandela.
Face to face: Minister and jailed ANC leader.
Winnie Mandela has cautioned against "over-optimistic expectations" following the release of African National Congress leader Govan Mbeki.

Recognise the sporting man? His seldom-seen face appears in a remarkable collection of historic pictures, published this week.
Winnie to help 'streams of people'
Situated in Soweto's Industrial Park, the Mandela Family's Office has on its letterhead a photograph of Nelson Mandela.
Now it's a Mandela concert in Jo'burg
Mandela will celebrate his birthday on July 18 behind bars despite repeated calls for his release from the international community.

PW Botha can't bring himself to free Nelson Mandela; but he also can't hold him forever.
Why we did it - the first interview with one of the Kine fugitives.
A non-interview with the banned Govan Mbeki about the day when he last saw Nelson Mandela.

His name is known around the globe, but his face has been unknown in his country. This week, all that changed.
Jailed African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela has obtained his LIB degree.
Nelson Mandela has sent his “very best wishes" to Margaret Thatcher -- but has not praised her for her work on the South African issue.

The full text of the recent letter from Nelson Mandela to Mangosuthu Buthelezi.
​Nelson Mandela is believed to have drawn up a wider list of people he wants to consult with.
An artist's portrait of the man who came to tea with PW.

Nelson Mandela, has been involved in "serious dialogue" with senior members of the government for almost three years.
Named: The four men in Kobie's Coetsee's talks team
According to the SA Prisons Service and the ANC leaders, Nelson Mandela’s graduation party will definitely take place.

The releases of Walter Sisulu and seven other political prisoners are expected to begin on Sunday and the MDM is planning marches and rallies.
Sitting watching an historic news bulletin on SABC television on Tuesday night at Victor Verster Prison was a most extraordinary party.
Mandela did tell MDM of FW talks
The MDM had prior knowledge that jailed African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela was about to meet State President FW de Klerk.

Mandela sends ANC his plan for peace
Lusaka to discuss the plan Nelson Mandela presented to FW de Klerk.
An edited version of Nelson Mandela's first letter to then State President PW Botha.
This is a letter from Nelson Mandela confirming the ANC's commitment to the nationalisation of mines, banks and monopoly industries.

The inside story of Mandela's peace plans
First details of how the ANC leader slowly broke through to Pretoria.
Intense in-fighting is developing behind the scenes for control of the "Nelson Mandela story".
President George Bush will invite Nelson Mandela to visit the White House as soon as he is freed.

More than a trial: It's courtroom drama
ls it Winnie Mandela who is on trial or has her case expanded to become state versus African National Congress? Emma Gilbey reports.
Yesterday's newspapers turned into today's placards as thousands of Sowetans packed Jabulani stadium.
In the South Africa of the future, February 11 will be a public holiday. On Sunday it was the day of liberation.

A day of triumph -- and tragedy
Mandela's speech can be viewed as an opening thrust, a consolidating speech which was carefully prepared and delivered strictly according to the text.
Mandela's speech from the city hall steps
An edited version of Nelson Mandela 's first speech delivered from the steps of the Cape Town City Hall.
There were 150 000 dreams at Soccer City on Tuesday.

Mandela speaks
In his first interview, the ANC leader talks about the need for flexibility.
Land of sweet childhood and dreams
Mandela's birthplace -- It all began in the little village of Qunu in the Transkei...
The speech from the dock
An edited version of Nelson Mandela's famous four-and-a-half hour speech from the dock during the Rivonia Trial.

Relly and Bloom to meet Mandela
Nelson Mandela is to meet Anglo-American Corporation chief Gavin Relly and former Premier Group chairman Tony Bloom.
Book Review: Mandela: Echoes of an Era by Alf Khumalo and Es'kia Mphahlele.
Holland has said in an interview that The Struggle is intended for South African whites; her aim is to “de-demonise" the ANC.

According to Fatima Meer, Nelson Mandela wrote an autobiography in the late 1970s.
A phone-call to Coetsee breaks prisons stalemate.
A top-level four-man African National Congress delegation meets with State President FW de Klerk today.

Inkatha Mangosuthu Buthelezi will be in Cape Town today, as will African National Congress Deputy President Nelson Mandela.
What kind of Mercedes Benz rolls off the assembly line wrapped in cellophane paper and plastered with stickers proclaiming the virtues of the SACP?
Nelson Mandela yesterday thanked the people of Angola for their support for the resistance struggle in South Africa.

By moving far - but not as far as expected – FW lands the ANC with a hard choice.
Nelson Mandela is one of the dark horses in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize to be announced on Monday.
Mandela goes Green
A hunting trip converts the ANC leader to conservation.

This week a large group of Afrikaans rightwingers forced ANC deputy president Nelson Mandela to abandon his address to a student meeting at Tukkies.
Inside the talks
Mandela: An angry man, taking a harder line than before. De Klerk: Under heavy pressure from abroad to get talks moving.
Mandela fury
Nelson Mandela yesterday delivered his toughest speech since his release from prison 15 months ago.

Mandela or bust ... Nelson Mandela unveils a bust of himself at the new two-in-one school on the East Rand. Photo Guy Adams
On Monday African National Congress president Nelson Mandela opened the primary school, which bears his middle name -- Rolihlahla.
What FW was really telling Mandela
In his television address FW de Klerk presented himself as the reasonable man. But beneath the benign tone lay a much harsher message.
Mandela puts the ball in FW's court
The battle between the government and the ANC is now on the centre court but no one appears to be serving up the aces.

How the West was nearly won
In an interview here this week, African National Congress president Nelson Mandela dwelt at some length on the pressure exerted by mass action.
How will Mandela use his mandate?
If this week's mass action was Nelson Mandela's "referendum" he has clearly won a handsome mandate.
Disgruntled Umkhonto weSizwe soldiers in southern Natal ended their 10-day sit-in at the African National Congress's regional offices in Durban.

Nelson Mandela is expected to call for an end to sanctions when he addressed the UN general assembly later today.
Nelson Mandela's security has been upgraded with the inclusion of an armour-plated Mercedes Benz in the ANC's fleet.
Open secret ... Nelson Mandela votes for the first time in Inanda
As he turned toward the polling station, Mandela was asked how he was gong to vote. He smiled broadly. "I've been agonising over that question...".

Glitterati celebrate a fairytale ending
The presidential inauguration ... The world's leaders came to honour Nelson Mandela, the former convict who is now commander in chief.
Nelson Mandela ... Inspires his people
Nelson Mandela is that rare phenomenon -- an honest politician equally at home with world leaders and ordinary people.
Forget the score, Mandela was the winner
Over the moon! Guardian reporter Gary Younge witnesses South Africa beating Zambia at football and finds there really is a place for politics in sport

The president throws a thank you party for 'struggle' veterans and over 1 000 guests from around the world turn up, writes Sibusiso Nxumalo
The First 100 Days
A report card on the new government. By Anton Harber.
By what measure does one judge Mandela's successes or failures?

A FILM crew who followed Nelson Mandela to Oslo last year found him, on the morning he was to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, making his own bed.
PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela threw out a challenge in his opening speech at the ANC's national conference in Bloemfontein this week.
The government is still basking in the afterglow of the elections. It has delivered many bold ideas -- but nothing concrete yet. Anton Harber reports

NELSON MANDELA has nominated businessman and leader of the senate Dr Sam Motsuenyane for the post of treasurer general.
A select few have been offered the chance to take part in an exclusive, and expensive, tour of Robben Island, reports Justin Pierce
TWO South African leaders dropped in from the sky into a heaving throng of Transkei peasants.

Moments after the six o'clock news on May 1, Jakes Gerwel's phone rang.
SOUTH AFRICA'S book of the year has to be Nelson Mandela's autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom.
Two South Africans held by Zimbabwean police on suspicion an assassination attempt of Mandela were innocent, sources say.

PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela brought joy and excitement to the lives of 1 200 children with life-threatening diseases on Friday when they joined him at a party in Cape Town to
PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela continued his South-East Asian tour on Thursday by receiving an honorary doctorate from Thailand's Chulalongkorn University, where students sang "Happy Birthday" to him ahead of his 79th
PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela chose to speak at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies during his brief visit last week to the United Kingdom in order to make good his debt

As Nelson Mandela turns 79 on July 18, Gaye Davis looks back on his past three-and-a- half years at the helm of the government
PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela will meet exiled East Timorese activist Jose Ramos-Horta for talks on Friday, presidential spokesman Parks Mankahlana confirmed on Thursday.
The meeting between President Nelson Mandela and East Timorese Nobel peace laureate Jose Ramos-Horta has been shrouded in secrecy.

PORTUGUESE president Jorge Sampaio met Nelson Mandela in South Africa on Wednesday, and thanked him for his role as mediator in the East Timor controversy.
The diplomatic rumpus over President Nelson Mandela's "lost" letter to the Indonesian government took a new turn.
Ronald Suresh Roberts argues that those lawyers who subordinated their moral obligations to an apartheid legislature should be held accountable.

Armscor and the defence industry want to tap the Mandela magic abroad, and are putting pressure on the government to teach politicians the arms trade.
Mystery surrounds an alleged meeting early last year between Iran's Deputy Minister of Atomic Affairs and the head of SA's Atomic Energy Corporation.
Electing a premier for Gauteng is dividing ANC members, writes Wally Mbhele

William Onyango reports on how a new portrait of Nelson Mandela was discovered, and its journey from Kenya.
Foreign Minister Ali Alatas on Thursday declined an offer from South African President Nelson Mandela to host talks between East Timorese factions.
Cape Town's chances are looking good, especially on the betting books, writes Julian Drew.

CAPE TOWN'S noisy street party came to a stunned halt shortly before 7.00PM as the city learnt that it had lost the Olympic Games for 2004 to Athens.
Nelson Mandela's attempts at negotiating a peaceful settlement of the worlds longest civil war are fraught with difficulties, writes Richard Cornwell.
President Nelson Mandela may receive acclaim and affection throughout the world, but Olympic Committee members were not impressed.

PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela came under fire at the start of the Congress of SA Trade Unions congress yesterday.
Cosatus battle with government over economic policy reached a head this week. Compromise seems unlikely, writes Sechaba kaNkosi.
President Nelson Mandela on Wednesday declared Robben Island a national monument and museum to mark the country's first Heritage Day holiday.

South Africa and Saudi Arabia have signed a "memorandum of understanding" to boost oil exports to South Africa and build an oil refinery.
President Nelson Mandela has celebrated his 80th birthday by marrying his sweetheart, Graça Machel, in a private civil ceremony at his Houghton home on Saturday.
Nelson Mandela is worth a fortune. The world's most beloved statesman and most famous ex-con is an obvious target for merchandising.

Who is . . . Graa Machel?
THE current global financial crisis calls for a complete rethink of the world's economic systems, President Nelson Mandela said.
President Nelson Mandela has vowed to support United States President Bill Clinton even if everybody else deserts him.

President Nelson Mandela was on Wednesday awarded the United States' Congressional medal of honour, the highest civilian recognition awarded by the US, in a ceremony in Washington.
President Nelson Mandela said in Durban on Tuesday that he is optimistic a solution will be reached to end the policital crisis in Lesotho.
With the approach of Nelson Mandela's retirement commentators will soon be offering their epitaphs on the political career of a president who will no doubt be long remembered as South

President Nelson Mandela has expressed satisfaction with discussions he had with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.
President Nelson Mandela on Thursday held talks with Rwandan vice-president Paul Kagame in Pretoria.
President Nelson Mandela is to meet the chairman of the Congolese Democratic Coalition, Ernest Wamba dia Wamba.

President Nelson Mandela, in an interview published on Sunday, categorically ruled out a blanket amnesty for human right crimes committed during the apartheid era.
President Nelson Mandela will unveil a memorial to Mozambican President Samora Machel on January 19.
President Nelson Mandela is expected to discuss the Angolan war and whether Southern African Development Conference troops may be sent.

President Nelson Mandela on Tuesday unveiled a memorial at the site where former Mozambican president Samora Machel was killed.
PRESIDENT Nelson Mandela is to make a state visit to the Netherlands.
President Nelson Mandela left Pretoria late on Wednesday for a brief visit to Germany and Switzerland.

President Nelson Mandela arrived in Baden Baden, Germany.
South Africa's President Nelson Mandela made a brief stopover in Nigeria early Sunday on his way home from the World Economic Forum meeting.
Visiting Austrian Chancellor Viktor Klima held talks on Thursday with President Nelson Mandela.

President Nelson Mandela's former home in Soweto was among 29 edifices declared national monuments on Thursday.
President Nelson Mandela has paid homage to King Hussein of Jordan.
President Nelson Mandela and his wife Graa Machel will visit Sweden next month.

President Nelson Mandela will hold talks with visiting Zambian President Frederick Chiluba on Wednesday.
President Nelson Mandela met South Africa's "Rain Queen", Modjadji V.
President Nelson Mandela, first lady Graa Machel and Foreign Minister Alfred Nzo left for state visit to the Netherlands.

President Nelson Mandela and first lady Graca Machel left the Netherlands on Friday for Finland.
President Nelson Mandela will meet Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for talks in the Finnish capital.
President Nelson Mandela said while visiting Finland that he is confident South Africa and the European Union will reach a deal on a free trade pact.

President Nelson Mandela will meet Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi in the capital Tripoli.
President Nelson Mandela on Monday thanked Denmark for its help in the struggle against apartheid.
President Nelson Mandela will meet Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi in the capital Tripoli on Friday.

President Nelson Mandela has been named joint winner of a Nigerian honour recognising exemplary leadership in Africa.
President Nelson Mandela on Wednesday urged parties involved in the faltering Northern Ireland peace talks to seek agreement.
President Nelson Mandela will formally proclaim June 2 as the election date by the end of the week.

President Nelson Mandela will pay a state visit to China from May 5 to 7 at the invitation of President Jiang Zemin.
President Nelson Mandela will pay state visits to the Russian Federation, Hungary, Pakistan and the People's Republic of China.
President Nelson Mandela arrived in Moscow.

President Nelson Mandela was welcomed by his Chinese counterpart Jiang Zemin in Beijing on Wednesday.
He walked free and, with him, a nation began the walk to freedom. He became head of state, and it seemed as if patience and justice had created a new
With South Africa's second democratic elections concluded, it is clear that the country has reached the end of an era.

At the end of 1994, I took a film crew to nine countries on the African continent to make a documentary called Africa Salutes Mandela.
Former president Nelson Mandela flew to Mocambique on Thursday morning to fulfil a last engagement before beginning a well-deserved holiday in the west African country of Gabon.

Former African presidents Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere and Sir Ketumile Masire are likely to be called on regularly to promote the cause of Africa.
The African National Congress on Saturday night bade farewell to its retired leader and former South African president Nelson Mandela.
The Standard Bank National Arts Festival had a proud history of turning South Africa's division and conflict into a celebration of unity and diversity

Retirement from the presidency is like being "out of jail for the second time.
Retired president Nelson Mandela will have a quiet 81st birthday on Sunday.
One of the legacies of Machel's present husband, Nelson Mandela, will be a huge forest of indigenous trees.

The codes used by African National Congress political prisoners on Robben Island have been disclosed for the first time by Ahmed Kathrada in a new boo
Nepal is honouring former president Nelson Mandela with an award dedicated to the memory of a Nepalese revolutionary.
Former president Nelson Mandela left South Africa on Wednesday for a visit to Germany, Tunisia, Libya and the United States.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela met former German chancellor Helmut Kohl in Berlin on Thursday.
Former president Nelson Mandela on Tuesday received a transcript of the original judgment in his 1961 treason trial.
Former president Nelson Mandela's Houghton, Johannesburg, office was flooded with 20000 postcards and letters.

When you're tired of reports of crime, rape, murder and general mayhem, put Nelson Mandela: The Symbol of a Nation CD in your computer.
The Springboks got a warm send off to the Rugby World Cup in Wales when their most famous fan, former president Nelson Mandela, made a surprise visit.
The former Transkei parliament, Umtata's Bunga building, will be converted to house all the gifts received by Mandela during his term of office.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela called for greater world cooperation in Tehran on Saturday as he arrived for a three-day visit with Iranian leaders.
Former president Nelson Mandela arrived in Jerusalem on Monday on his first visit to the Jewish state.
Former South African leader Nelson Mandela has claimed the backing of key Arab leaders for a three-point Middle East peace plan.

Former president Nelson Mandela on Sunday said his predecessor F.W. de Klerk deserved a place in history and he had no regrets about sharing the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with
Bill Gates's embattled Microsoft was highly praised on Thursday by none other than former president Nelson Mandela.
Former president Nelson Mandela persuaded striker Philemon Masinga to face Sweden on November 27 in Pretoria.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard bestowed his country's highest honour, on former President Nelson Mandela.
Former president Nelson Mandela on Friday flew to Tanzania to pay his respects to the Nyerere family following the death of former president Julius Nyerere on October 14.
The Nelson Mandela Museum in the old Transkei parliament buildings in Umtata will be opened on February 11 next year.

African leaders on Wednesday appointed former South African President Nelson Mandela as the new mediator for Burundi's fragile peace process.
Robben Island have been declared world heritage sites by the United Nations' culture and science body.
The United States said it supports the appointment of former president Nelson Mandela to be the new mediator in Burundi.

As the new mediator in the Burundi crisis, Nelson Mandela will have to work hard to convince the key players in the strife that they can benefit from peace.
Former president Nelson Mandela will leave South Africa for Berlin, Germany, on Wednesday night to launch the "Cities without Slums" initiative.
Former president Nelson Mandela was the VIP victim of a BBC television show in which experts spring a surprise garden makeover.

EthnicTutsis in Burundi opposed to talks aimed at bringing an end to more than six years of civil war have called on newly appointed mediator Nelson Mandela to visit the
Burundi's main rebel group said on Tuesday that former president Nelson Mandela has already brought peace closer.
Letter from the North

Former president Nelson Mandela will mark the 10th anniversary on Friday of his release from 27 years in apartheid jails by opening a museum.
It seems to be well on the way to becoming a shrine, this room, judging by the numbers of pilgrims gathering at its iron door every day.
Former president Nelson Mandela arrived in Dubai on Sunday for a visit that will include a conference on Emirati economic development.

Former president Nelson Mandela is to appear in a new telecoms advertisement to be aired in Italy.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela met Burundi's army chiefs on Friday.
Former president Nelson Mandela on Saturday visited the survivors of last month's nightclub stampede and their families.

Former president Nelson Mandela on Saturday visited the survivors of last month's nightclub stampede and their families
Former president Nelson Mandela is to be created a queen's counsel by the House of Lords in London.
Former President Nelson Mandela says a landmark draft agreement has been worked out between rebels and the government that could finally end the long-running Burundi civil war.

Former president Nelson Mandela, chief mediator in Burundi's peace process, is to meet Burundian President Pierre Buyoya and Defence Minister Cyrille Ndayirukiye on Wednesday.
Former president Nelson Mandela will meet Burundi military strongman Pierre Buyoya.
Former president Nelson Mandela said he believes his successor Thabo Mbeki has done a good job during his first year as president.

President Nelson Mandela said on Monday while visiting Finland that he is confident that South Africa and the European Union will reach a deal on a fr
Former President Nelson Mandela is due to visit one of Burundi's controversial "regroupment camps" as he continues his mission to try to bring peace to the troubled country.
Former president Nelson Mandela, mediator in the peace process for Burundi, said on Tuesday he was "confident we will have a breakthrough" when talks resume this month in Arusha, Tanzania.

Nelson Mandela, who is mediating the Burundi peace process, failed to secure an agreement last week, but now says a deal will be signed on August 28.
Former president Nelson Mandela has been asked to mediate in the Middle East peace process.
The president of Burundi, Pierre Buyoya arrived in South Africa on Thursday for talks with former President Nelson Mandela aimed at resolving problems over a proposed peace plan for Burundi.

Three Tutsi parties from Burundi agreed to sign a peace accord, mediator Nelson Mandela said after talks.
Former South African president Nelson Mandela and regional African leaders have begun arriving in Kenya for a summit aimed at consolidating a fragile peace accord in the tiny nation of
Nelson Mandela is to appear in a R2-billion advertising campaign for the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) to be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela is among the first winners of the new Pan-African Broadcast Heritage.
Shock waves from the Middle-East have now spread to South Africa with violent protests in Pretoria that left two policemen injured - and former president Nelson Mandela has offered to
Former South African President Nelson Mandela said this week he was prepared to help Middle East peace efforts if possible.

Former President Nelson Mandela will be interviewed by television talk show host Oprah Winfrey.
Burundi's peace process facilitator, South African former president Nelson Mandela, has expressed concern over the slow progress on ceasefire talks in Burundi.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela has received the International Freedom Award from a museum at the site where US civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has called for the United Nations to lift sanctions against Libya.
A court recording of former president Nelson Mandela's last speech before he was sentenced to life imprisonment will on Sunday be released.
A court recording of former president Nelson Mandela's last speech before he was sentenced to life imprisonment has been released.

President Pierre Buyoya of Burundi has flown to South Africa for a week of talks with peace mediator Nelson Mandela and Vice President Jacob Zuma.
Former president Nelson Mandela received the Life Time Award from the first Soweto Awards in Johannesburg on Saturday night.
urundian parties have failed to reach consensus on the shape of their future transitional government, despite pressure from African states.

Former president Nelson Mandela spent an hour on Wednesday morning talking to Mail &Guardian editor Howard Barrell and associate editor Sipho Seepe.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela will be guest of honour at a spectacular rock concert in London.
Former president Nelson Mandela is to write a second, and potentially more controversial, autobiography.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela is writing a second autobiography as a follow-up to his first book, "Long Walk to Freedom".
Former South African president Nelson Mandela has arrived in Sharjah for a visit of several days to the United Arab Emirates.
Local business leaders want to build a gigantic statue of Nelson Mandela - bigger even than the Statue of Liberty .

Nelson Mandela stopped to shake the hand of a young boy and asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.
Former South African president Nelson Mandela is to share a stage with Mick Jagger, U2 and a bevy of models in a charity concert in Barcelona.
South Africans, both black and white, heaped praise on revered African statesman Nelson Mandela on Wednesday.

Former president Nelson Mandela paid a moving tribute Saturday to Govan Mbeki.
Former president Nelson Mandela on Friday gave jailed student Andrew Babeile R20 000 to further his studies while in the Kimberley Prison, the African National Congress Youth League said.

South African former president Nelson Mandela left South Africa on Monday to take a well-deserved two-week holiday at a secret location with his wife.
"If I succumb to cancer and go to the next world, the first thing I will do there is look for the ANC branch.

Chief mediator in the Burundi peace process, Nelson Mandela, has called on international donors to double to $880-million the amount of aid they pledged to Burundi.
Former president Nelson Mandela made a strong plea for world peace after receiving the Newsmaker of the Decade award.
Former South African president Nelson Mandela made a brief visit to Tripoli on Sunday during which he met Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi.

The voice of Nelson Mandela, imprisoned in 1964 and sworn in as South Africa's president 30 years later, was preserved forever on Thursday.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela on Saturday praised world leaders who actively sought to combat Aids, particularly African presidents.
Former president Nelson Mandela on Sunday appealed to the Gauteng African National Congress to keep up with changes after provincial supporters failed to sing the entire national anthem.

It was a role reversal of sorts for sixty kwaito stars at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg on Wednesday -- a conservative looking grandfather with a walking stick.
Former presidents Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Bill Clinton of the United States attended a ceremony on in support of the loveLife initiative.
Former president Nelson Mandela was his old humorous self as he welcomed one head of state after another at his Houghton, Johannesburg home on Tuesday morning.

South Africans should do more to care for mentally disabled children in society said former president Nelson Mandela at his brithday.
Former president Nelson Mandela has invited a group of the world's wealthiest people to travel to South Africa in April next year as part to raise funds for disadvantaged students
Libyan leader Moammer Gaddafi and former South African president and Nobel peace prize winner Nelson Mandela spoke by phone on Saturday on the possible US military strike on Iraq.

The Greek government has extended an invitation to Nelson Mandela to officiate at an Olympic Truce event at the Athens Concert Hall.
On Monday Mandela will return to his final place of captivity to mark the conversion into a museum of a jail.
Nelson Mandela has called for an end to the debate on HIV/Aids, saying South Africans should focus on fighting the syndrome.

Former president Nelson Mandela on Sunday proposed a radical challenge to South Africa's Aids policy.
Former president Nelson Mandela on Thursday praised Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa for his stance on the provision of an anti-Aids drug.
Former president Nelson Mandela,capped, gowned and glowing, with his Rhodes University honorary doctorate in hand.

Former President Nelson Mandela is to visit the Libyan man imprisoned for the Lockerbie bombing, his representative Zelda la Grange confirmed on Wednesday.
Nelson Mandela turned 84 on Thursday and will celebrate on Saturday by hosting a sports fixture for children with mental and physical disabilities in Polokwane.
Nelson Mandela is engaged in a campaign to open up space for debate in the ANC ahead of the party's national conference in December.

Say what you like about Nelson Mandela, but he is not a man known to bear a grudge or lose his temper easily.
A South African producer is turn the story of Nelson Mandela into a big screen epic capturing his life from childhood, to political awareness, 10 000 days of imprisonment and
A R4-million school will be built in an informal settlement, Marokolong, near Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria after a successful partnership was brokered between the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the North West

A set of 20 lithographs will go on sale today. Costing between R36 000 and R42 000 per copy, they may seem a little expensive for simple line drawings shaded
Nelson Mandela was lauded on Wednesday for his work to improve the physical and emotional lot of children and for his contribution to their literary world.
Former president Nelson Mandela once again condemned the United States for the war on Iraq saying "anybody, especially a leader of a super state country to work outside the United

Former South African president Nelson Mandela could act as a "facilitator" between India and Pakistan to resolve their dragging dispute over Kashmir, the state's former chief minister said on Friday.
Anthony Sampson, who has known Nelson Mandela for 50 years, pays a birthday tribute to the statesman and world icon.
Nelson Mandela unveiled a plaque to two anti-apartheid activists in London.

Noisy demonstrators demanding funds for HIV drugs in the developing world disrupted a major conference on Aids here on Monday but in doing so gained the beaming support of former
The world's best-loved statesman, Nelson Mandela, turns 85 on Friday and well-wishers can now send their personal congratulations to him on the internet.
  • Post your birthday message
  • South Africa's living legend Nelson Mandela turns 85 on Friday and organisers are planning to give the elderly statesman a three-day birthday bash.

    Former South African president Nelson Mandela seduces audiences with his wit, then often bludgeons them with his observations.
    When Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela turns 85 on July 18, one of his well-wishers will be the long-time Irish chaplain to the prison where he spent 18 years.
    Former South African President Nelson Mandela is being honoured online ahead of his 85th birthday -- on Friday July 18.

    One of the most recognised public figures today, Mandela origins were far from auspicious. Here we outline a brief chronology of his multi-faceted life.
    He added a postscript: “Must find Madiba a job, because old men get up to mischief.” That, too, has proved not entirely flippant.
    For what shall we thank Nelson Mandela? Shall we thank him for all those months he spent on the run criss-crossing the country and, like an elusive rabbit, dashing into

    The universe is fixated on Nelson Mandela because he is a man of the future and not the past.
    South Africa's semi-privatised telephone utility Telkom is facilitating a quest for a world record for the most birthday wishes ever received by an individual on one day.
    In celebration of former president Nelson Mandela's 85th birthday on Friday, he was handed a book highlighting his speeches and tributes paid to him by world leaders.

    Officially it is a time of joy. Nelson Mandela turns 85 today and South Africa will party into the weekend in a blaze of banquets and celebrations attended by pop
    More than 5 000 birthday messages including 523 from overseas were conveyed to telephone numbers for former president Nelson Mandela before 7am on Friday, Telkom SA reported.
    South Africa's Jewish community added its voice to the millions wishing former president Nelson Mandela happy birthday on his 85th on Friday.

    Former president Nelson Mandela's 85th birthday brought a golden sunny day to his Houghton, Johannesburg, home on Friday.
    Local songbirds and international divas are billed to perform at Nelson Mandela's 85th birthday bash in Sandton on Saturday.
    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born during the First World War on July 18, 1918, at Mvezo on the banks of the winding Mbashe River, also known as the Bashee.

    Congratulatory messages continued to pour in to the special Telkom lines set up for a world-record-breaking attempt in honour of the iconic former South African president, Nelson Mandela.
    It took 2 000 people to put together 1 600 people for Nelson Mandela's birthday party in Sandton on Saturday night.
    On Monday morning the seemingly tireless Nelson Mandela (85) attended two meetings in Cape Town.

    The youth have to take the lead in a social revolution against HIV/Aids in a similar way to the revolution against apartheid.
    Former president Nelson Mandela has joined forces with famous musicians and called on the globe's citizens to join a global campaign.
    A surprise meeting with Nelson Mandela on Robben Island made a moving finale on Wednesday for the visit of the Fifa technical team weighing up South Africa's 2010 world cup

    Former president Nelson Mandela was his usual humorous self on Sunday when he went to a voting station in Johannesburg.
    A spree to baptise roads, bridges, public places and universities after South Africa's anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela continues unabated..
    Voting came to a temporary stop at the Transvaal Automobile Club in Houghton, Johannesburg, when South Africa's favourite pensioner cast his vote.

    Nelson Mandela is to begin a gradual withdrawal from public life it was reported on Sunday amid fears for the former South African president's health. He turns 86 in July,
    Former South African President Nelson Mandela said it was his wish that South Africans never gave up on the belief in goodness.
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela announced his retirement from public life on Tuesday.

    Nelson Mandela's birthplace in Mveso and the Egazini battlefield near Grahamstown could be proclaimed national heritage sites.
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela is to address a major international Aids conference in Bangkok, Thailand, next week.
    South African elder statesman Nelson Mandela, who turns 86 on Sunday.

    Birthday tributes have started pouring in for former president Nelson Mandela who turns 86 on Sunday.
    Birthday wishes poured in on Sunday for former president Nelson Mandela, who turned 86.
    The city of Johannesburg bestowed its highest honour on former president Nelson Mandela on Friday.

    What a week. That grand figure, Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela, celebrated his 86th birthday.
    Nelson Mandela is neither a god nor a saint, he's got vices and virtues like any other person, says his personal assistant Zelda la Grange.
    South African anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela was reunited on Tuesday with two notebooks that were confiscated from him while in prison.

    For three decades the notebooks gathered dust in a cupboard, unknown to the world, forgotten even by their author.
    Private letters handwritten by anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela while imprisoned at Robben Island off Cape Town have revealed touching details.
    An academic has come forward with what appears to be the first Mandela art fraud.

    South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle hero Nelson Mandela will be joined by pop superstars Peter Gabriel and Annie Lennox at charity concert.
    Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity but an act of justice, former president and freedom icon Nelson Mandela said.
    Former president Nelson Mandela will not have a high-profile birthday -- on July 18 -- this year, the Nelson Mandela Foundation said on Thursday.

    South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, is to become a comic-strip hero in a new project aimed at encouraging young people to read.
    People should use condoms and not have sex too young, said former president Nelson Mandela on Monday.
    Former president Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to the youth to strive for greatness rather than material success.

    New information and pictures of former president Nelson Mandela, his life and his time in prison will be available to South Africa from November.
    The Springbok rugby team joined former president Nelson Mandela to see off the 46664 vehicle.
    The African National Congress on Sunday extended its "warmest wishes and congratulations" to former president Nelson Mandela on his 87th birthday.

    Tributes poured in for South Africa's former president Nelson Mandela who turned 87 on Monday.
    "iNantsoke [there you are]," exclaimed Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg on Wednesday as he cut his huge white birthday cake at the children's party.
    Poor Ismail Ayob. Even if he wins, he loses -- because his opponent is Nelson Mandela. And so Mandela's court case against his former lawyer Ayob, who he accuses of

    The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund donated R1-million on Thursday to the Children's Hospital Trust for the refurbishment of the Red Cross War Memorial
    West Indian cricketing legend Brian Lara on Tuesday met another hero, former South African president Nelson Mandela.
    Old allies in the human rights struggle, former president Nelson Mandela and United States civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, meet again.

    One of the world's most popular men, Nelson Mandela, has been immortalised in a comic-book series covering his life.
    Nelson Mandela, the country's first democratically elected president, voted in Houghton, Johannesburg, on Wednesday.
    Identifying with the lead character in the Oscar-winning local film 'Tsotsi', former president Nelson Mandela proved a masterful storyteller.

    A statuette depicting the famous photograph of a wounded Hector Pieterson cradled in a friend's arms was presented to former president Nelson Mandela.
    An historian is leading a search for a handgun that Nelson Mandela buried at a farm outside Johannesburg before his arrest by apartheid police in 1962, the owner of the
    Music and storytelling marked the celebrations of former president Nelson Mandela's birthday in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

    I don't want to see folks satisfied when they talk about Nelson Mandela. He constitutes such a challenge to us -- an intellectual challenge..
    Nelson Mandela's legacy of tolerance was celebrated in Johannesburg on Wednesday. "For me, the meaning of Mandela is the idea of plurality and tolerance of ideas. That's the biggest challenge
    As the anti-apartheid icon turns 88 and increasingly shuns the limelight.

    Nelson Mandela and former United States president Bill Clinton teamed up on Thursday to raise funds for African children with heart problems.
    Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela turns 88 on Tuesday.
    Congratulations and well wishes from local political parties and labour organisations are streaming in for former president Nelson Mandela.

    Former South African president Nelson Mandela said on Monday he "never imagined" reaching the age of 88.
    Adekeye Adebajo argues that the formation of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation is a dubious attempt to rehabilitate the legacy of Rhodes and bemoans Mandela’s association with this attempt. However, his
    It's the 'Lord of the Rings' of music concerts. The cast is stellar, the sets dramatic and the costumes fancy, and it carries on for hours.

    Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela will be awarded Amnesty International's "Ambassador of Conscience" award.
    Former president Nelson Mandela has thanked India for its immense influence on South Africa's struggle for freedom from the oppression of apartheid.
    The new biography of Nelson Mandela is not just another book on the former president, but conveys his values, Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel said on Monday. "Perhaps the strongest

    When she was offered the opportunity to attend the launch of Mandela: The Authorised Portrait and meet the man himself, Kabuika Kamunga jumped at the chance.
    Africa's political leaders are being offered a $5-million prize and a stipend for life if they do not plunder the national coffers or rig elections.
    We're all familiar with the saying “nothing sells quite as well as success”. Except that is, when it comes to selling images of Nelson Mandela, South Africa's most famous media

    Amnesty International bestowed its most prestigious honour -- the Ambassador of Conscience Award 2006 -- on former president Nelson Mandela.
    Former president Nelson Mandela will become the first recipient of the Ubuntu Award for his contribution to South Africa's heritage.
    Christmas starts early for the world's favourite elder statesman, Nelson Mandela. Staff members of the flagship Nelson Mandela Foundation are busy listing and storing the latest batch of goodies flooding

    Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela joined top leaders, Nobel laureates and elder statesmen in calling on the world to reinvent non-violent approach to solving conflicts.
    Champion United States female boxer Laila Ali said on Tuesday that 88-year-old anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela reminded her of her father Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all
    Oscar-winning director Bille August has brought the memoirs of one of Nelson Mandela's jailers to the screen, with Dennis Haysbert playing the famous prisoner -- a part that he said

    Former president Nelson Mandela met Princess Caroline of Monaco at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg on Tuesday.
    Lawyers for former President Nelson Mandela will take Ismail Ayob to court over R2,2-million missing from the Nelson Mandela Trust, the Sunday Times reported in its early edition. They accuse
    Afrikaners better start packing and head out to the Heilbron Spar. Because old president Nelson Mandela is dead and the night of the long knives is coming. That is if

    Police are investigating possible links between the Boeremag, 23 of whose members are standing trial in Pretoria, and a far right-wing group called the "Suidlanders" (South landers). The Suidlanders shot
    Twenty undergraduate students who received the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship last year were congratulated by former president Nelson Mandela in Houghton, Johannesburg, on Wednesday.
    A London council has decided where to place a statue of former South African president Nelson Mandela, after five years of wrangling, it announced late on Thursday. The sculpture will

    The Springboks will draw on inspiration from former president Nelson Mandela when they meet Australia at Newlands on Saturday. The sides meet in a Mandela Challenge Plate match which doubles
    Records from the trial of Nelson Mandela, a medieval French tapestry, a millennium-old Iranian epic and the Hollywood movie The Wizard of Oz are among 38 new items on a
    Veteran United States actor Morgan Freeman is to play former South African president Nelson Mandela in a drama based around the leader's appearance at the 1995 Rugby World Cup, it

    Pele and Samuel Eto'o headed the list of international stars on Thursday when Fifa announced the line-ups for a match to honour Nelson Mandela's 89th birthday. More than 50 players
    Soccer's ruling body, Fifa, is preparing to send out a powerful message against racism this week through a string of events to mark the 89th birthday of South Africa's anti-apartheid
    Nelson Mandela's July 18 birthday is annual cause for celebration in South Africa and draws attention from his many local and international admirers. This year, the

    Former British prime minister Tony Blair is one of hundreds of well-wishers across the globe who have sent gifts to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela for his
    Brazilian soccer great Pele and three-time African player of the year Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon delivered a special birthday gift on Tuesday to former South African
    Playing soccer, often clandestinely and using rolled-up rags for balls, raised the spirits of South African political activists jailed on Robben Island over three decades ago.

    President Thabo Mbeki has wished his predecessor Nelson Mandela, who turns 89 on Wednesday, a happy birthday. Mbeki on Tuesday said the celebration of Mandela's birthday
    South Africa marked Nelson Mandela's 89th birthday on Wednesday with tributes and congratulations as the anti-apartheid icon prepared to launch a new international group to help
    Nelson Mandela, the icon of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, marked his 89th birthday on Wednesday by launching his fellow elder statesmen on a new venture

    Football legends past and present gathered on Wednesday at the former South African prison colony that housed Nelson Mandela for 18 years to honour the statesman
    Nelson Mandela's 89th birthday was celebrated on Wednesday with a charity match in which an African XI drew 3-3 with a Rest of the World team.
    The most important part of former president Nelson Mandela's legacy is that our common humanity matters more than our differences, former United States president Bill Clinton

    Former president Nelson Mandela will share a birthday cake with youngsters in Johannesburg on Tuesday at his annual children's party. Nelson Mandela Children's Fund spokesperson Tumi
    A beaming Nelson Mandela cut birthday cake, gave hugs and received gifts at his annual children's party in Johannesburg on Tuesday. The children sang Happy Birthday
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela on Wednesday announced a giant benefit concert in London next June to promote his 46664 campaign against HIV/Aids. The gig will take place in

    Former French president Jacques Chirac on Wednesday discussed his plans to set up a foundation with Nelson Mandela, who is on a private visit to France to raise funds for
    Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang on Friday paid tribute to former president Nelson Mandela and the late Steve Biko at a South African Medical Association award ceremony. Tshabalala-Msimang said Mandela highlighted
    A council of peacemaking world leaders and Nobel laureates launched by former South African president Nelson Mandela is taking up Darfur as its first mission, with a trip to Sudan

    Clint Eastwood may direct an upcoming Hollywood film based on former South African president Nelson Mandela and his appearance at the 1995 Rugby World Cup final,
    Johannesburg will stage a 46664 HIV/Aids awareness concert on World Aids Day for the first time, former president Nelson Mandela announced on Monday. Mandela said the concert, which will take
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela has been invited to attend next weekend's World Cup final between the Springboks and England. South Africa coach Jake White

    Nelson Mandela urged the Springboks on Thursday to emulate their 1995 World Cup victory when his appearance in a gold and green jersey became one of
    Pride and politics mixed on Sunday as South Africans celebrated their Rugby World Cup final win over England. Festivities continued through the night as South Africans
    Holding the reigns of the ox-wagon that is pulling his father's coffin, Nkosinathi Biko sits alone and solemnly among the masses of people. Surrounded by a throng of supporters, angry

    Liliesleaf Farm in Rivionia, north of Johannesburg, will reopen in June 2008 for people wanting to tour the former secret headquarters of the African National Congress's Umkhonto we Sizwe. The
    After a five year contract that kept her in Las Vegas, pop diva Celine Dion is keeping a promise she made to former South African president Nelson Mandela by kicking
    The Spice Girls would love to perform for former South African president Nelson Mandela, but said on Monday they had not yet been formally asked to be part of his

    Former South African president Nelson Mandela personally congratulated 23 students who were awarded the Mandela Rhodes scholarship for 2008 on Tuesday in Johannesburg. The 89-year-old Mandela slowly entered the room
    The Soweto Gospel Choir presented their second Grammy Award to former president Nelson Mandela at his foundation in Houghton on Wednesday. "We thank you for seeing us. We are here
    I am a middle-class child of the Y Generation -- the Why Generation. I came of age in the post-apartheid 1990s. We were taught to be brash, question authority, talk

    World famous scientist Stephen Hawking met former president Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg on Thursday. Said Hawking: "I admire how you managed to find a peaceful solution to a situation that
    Characters in the current crop of Broadway musicals include a murderous barber, a lovesick mermaid and the Swedish pop band, Abba. Now a new hero is to join them: Nelson
    The government's knee-jerk reaction to the pogroms that swept across the country speaks volumes to the politics of African nationalism. We were told they were "criminal" acts in the service

    It was just a farm, but what went on there was extraordinary: Nelson Mandela, disguised in blue overalls, plotting with other anti-apartheid leaders against South Africa's racist regime.
    The Nelson Mandela Foundation announced on Wednesday that it would launch a book in tribute to Madiba in his 90th year.
    The woman with the microphone and brightly coloured knit tam-o'-shanter is speaking in Nelson Mandela's name as she presses villagers to be honest about HIV/Aids.

    Former South African president Nelson Mandela arrived in Britain on Monday ahead of a 90th birthday concert in his honour in London's Hyde Park.
    The Nelson Mandela Museum is to run a year-long festival to celebrate the 90th birthday of the revered former president, Kader Asmal has announced.
    Among the many accolades showered on Nelson Mandela at a joint sitting of Parliament on Friday were some shining examples of his sense of humour.

    Stars of the screen, stage and sporting arena paid tribute on Friday to Nelson Mandela, whose visit to London was overshadowed by events in Zimbabwe.
    South Africa launched a special coin on Monday as part of celebrations for the 90th birthday of former president Nelson Mandela.
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela turns 90 on Friday amid an avalanche of birthday wishes for the world's best-loved statesman.

    Nelson Mandela celebrates his 90th birthday on Friday as a widely revered statesman, but SA faces a host of problems that challenge his dream.
    Birthday wishes for Nelson Mandela started trickling in on Thursday, a day before South Africa's most-adored politician celebrates his 90th.
    When crises break out -- Zimbabwe, crime, or violence against African immigrants -- South Africans expect to hear from Nelson Mandela.

    From Bill Clinton and 50 Cent to Kate Moss and Prince Charles, Madiba just loves that A-list buzz.
    Nelson Mandela is a world-historical icon who has enlarged human freedom and redefined humanist ideals, writes Drew Forrest.
    Sukasha Singh looks back at two occasions when she was lucky enough to meet Nelson Mandela.

    Gardeners mowed the lawn outside the museum honouring Nelson Mandela on Thursday, while a work crew laid new tarmac on the road outside his home.
    Awash with good wishes, South Africa's media highlighted the love and awe the country felt for Nelson Mandela on his 90th birthday on Friday.
    In celebration of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday this week, Monako Dibetle asked children born in 1994 who they think Madiba is.

    It was a great moment for all of us to see the great man, in our minds lionised for being the first commander of Umkhonto weSizwe.
    Writing letters was the only way the imprisoned Nelson Mandela could communicate with his loved ones, writes Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya.
    Nelson Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday by urging the wealthy to share their prosperity with the less fortunate.

    SA on Friday celebrated the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela, a symbol of reconciliation in a nation torn by doubt and nostalgia for his leadership.
    Guests cheered, a choir sang and a smiling Nelson Mandela welcomed hundreds of well-wishers on Saturday as SA formally celebrated his 90th birthday.
    That statue. It's an awful thing. With its tiny little head. Frozen with that smile. Frozen in that dance.

    Now as much as ever in its history, SA requires disciplined leaders, Nelson Mandela said at a birthday celebration in his honour on Saturday.
    Former president Nelson Mandela paid a surprise visit to a hospice near Alexandra township in Johannesburg on Monday, his office said.
    From the Cape Flats to the president's residence, chef Hilton Little has taken great strides in his culinary career, writes Brent Meersman.

    The same logic that saw Thabo Mbeki replaced as party president should apply to those who seem to think they represent their own jackets.
    Nelson Mandela made a rare joint appearance with his former wife Winnie on Thursday at the unveiling of a huge bronze statue.
    Nelson Mandela on Friday congratulated new President Kgalema Motlanthe, saying the country was in "good hands" after a week of political turmoil.

    In 1990, a few months after his release from jail, Nelson Mandela toured the United States and helped cement Americans' popular associations with SA.
    Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on Wednesday congratulated United States president-elect Barack Obama on his election victory.
    A visit to the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha provides Niren Tolsi with temporary shelter from the hurly-burly of the Eastern Cape.

    Don't worry, Nelson Mandela can laugh at himself. At least that's the opinion of Jonathan Shapiro, SA's leading political cartoonist for 20 years.
    Nelson Mandela collected yet another laurel on Monday, this time from an elite forum of fellow former world leaders.
    Hunger for Freedom, a cook book that details the favourite foods of former president Nelson Mandela, has won an international award.

    Where the English have football, South Africans have politics. This occurred to me as I stood near the stadium where SA will host the World Cup final.
    Nelson Mandela has distanced himself from a London exhibition of disputed lithographs bearing his signature, his lawyer said on Friday.
    Nelson Mandela has launched a last-ditch attempt to prevent a London gallery using his name on an exhibition of prison sketches.

    Nelson Mandela on Tuesday called on people to dedicate their time and effort to serving their communities, as his life is celebrated on July 18.
    Former president, struggle hero and arguably the world's most celebrated political icon, Nelson Mandela, turns 91 on Saturday.
    As Nelson Mandela turns 91 on Saturday, his family and his foundation are trying to harness his status to promote community service on his birthday.

    Zapiro has, over the years, often featured Nelson Mandela in his work. Here are some of the cartoons of Madiba made exclusively for the M&G.
    Over the years, the world sat back and listened as the respected Nelson Mandela spoke on a host of topics. Here is a selection of his speeches.
    Is the obsession with all things Madiba in South Africa not as strong as it once was? Could the country be suffering from Mandela burnout?

    Nelson Mandela devoted many years to the struggle against apartheid. Some of the images of those years were immortalised in struggle posters.
    As Nelson Mandela turns 91, we sifted through the archives at YouTube and found some of the highlights from the great man's life.
    Nelson Mandela is 91, his athlete's body is frail and he has all but disappeared from public life. As an icon, Mandela is more robust than ever.

    Judging by the responses to a street survey this week, ordinary South Africans probably won't be spending 67 minutes giving something back.
    FW De Klerk has added his voice to the birthday wishes for Nelson Mandela, who turns 91 on Saturday.
    Things to do in Johannesburg today: pose for photos beside the six-metre-high bronze statue of Nelson Mandela in Nelson Mandela Square.

    Former SA president Nelson Mandela is healthy and even more vigorous at 91-years-old, said Nelson Mandela Foundation chief executive Achmat Dangor.
    Dozens of big-name performers and actors gathered at a major charity concert in New York late on Saturday to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.
    On Saturday people all over the world were encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to changing the world around them for the better.

    Former president Nelson Mandela visited the proposed site of children's hospital at the University of the Witwatersrand on Friday.
    A South African policeman guarding Nelson Mandela committed suicide at the former president's home on Saturday, a police spokesperson said.
    Those who were tortured and assassinated during the apartheid era should be the ones being honoured, struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada said on Tuesday.

    Although the three calculations jotted on the back of a piece of paper do not look like much, the neat rows of black figures offer a brutal precis.
    That it is a book not yet assembled did not deter almost every major book-publishing territory from bidding for Conversations with Myself.
    A police officer admires an image of Nelson Mandela made up by hundreds of children's hand prints in St George's Mall opposite Mandela Rhodes Place in Cape Town, July 16 2009. Mandela's 91st birthday takes place on Saturday July 18 when the world will celebrate the remarkable life of one of the legendary icons of modern time as Nelson Mandela Day. On this historic day, citizens will be encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to do community work, , signifying the 67 years that Mandela spent serving humanity.
    The UN General Assembly on Tuesday declared July 18 "Nelson Mandela International Day" to mark the anti-apartheid leader's contribution to peace.

    Oscar-winning star Morgan Freeman said on Tuesday he felt he did "a good job" portraying Nelson Mandela in Clint Eastwood's Invictus.
    Clicking on down to Qunu
    International actors need some serious training to pick up our local ways of speaking, and even then, there are limits.
    Hilda Ndude, who appeared in an iconic photograph the day Mandela was freed, remains loyal to him -- but fears that his legacy has been squandered.

    A child shows messages she and her classmates made for Nelson Mandela at a school near Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg on January 27 2011. (Sapa)
    The Nelson Mandela Foundation broke its silence over its handling of former president Nelson Mandela's hospitalisation on Monday.
    Twenty years after announcing Nelson Mandela's release from prison, former SA president FW de Klerk commemorated the speech.
    Former president FW de Klerk on Tuesday celebrated the 20th anniversary of his historic speech at the opening of Parliament in 1990.

    Nelson Mandela will attend an event at Groot Drakenstein jail next Thursday to commemorate his release from prison 20 years ago.
    Nelson Mandela's wife, Graca Machel, hands out caps to children from a children's home during the launch of the Champions for Children campaign in Kempton Park in December 2009. (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
    Nelson Mandela walked out of an apartheid prison 20 years ago on Thursday, beginning South Africa's march to democracy and reconciliation.
    Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Wednesday urged all South Africans to recapture the spirit of the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

    Former president Nelson Mandela celebrates 20 years of freedom on Thursday. (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
    SA on Thursday marks the moment that Nelson Mandela emerged after 27 years behind bars, ushering in a transition from apartheid to democracy.
    Nelson and Winnie Mandela walk hand-in hand upon his release from Victor Verster prison, near Cape Town, on February 11 1990.
    Thousands of South Africans on Thursday marked 20 years since Nelson Mandela walked to freedom after 27 years as a political prisoner.
    Nelson Mandela, accompanied by his wife Graça Machel, reads President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation speech in Parliament on Thursday night.
    Battered by scandal and facing a divided ANC, President Jacob Zuma sought on Thursday to dress his presidency in robes borrowed from Nelson Mandela.

    Feverish preparations to receive the jailed leader could never have been perfect -- there was no precedent.
    We ask some of South Africa's most prominent people where they were 20 years ago when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.
    One of Nelson Mandela's Rivonia lawyers confessed on Friday how he tried -- and failed -- to stop the ANC leader using one of the most famous phrases.

    Inevitably, all the former houses of Nelson Mandela are a tourist draw. Last week another former Mandela home was named a national memorial site.
    Officials are considering a plan to demolish Chancellor House -- Nelson Mandela's former law office -- and turn the area into an "open urban space".
    Nelson Mandela (M&G)
    Nelson Mandela plans to skip the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup finals in South Africa in June and will watch the tournament from home.

    Former South African president Nelson Mandela. (M&G)
    The top South African World Cup organiser says his country is prepared to have United States President Barack Obama visit during the tournament.
    In this photo released by the Mandela Foundation, former South African president Nelson Mandela smiles as he holds the Soccer World Cup trophy at the Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg last week (AP/Mandela Foundation)
    The Nelson Mandela Foundation on Wednesday began a 67-day countdown to Nelson Mandela Day on July 18.
    Fifa president Sepp Blatter hopes Nelson Mandela will attend the opening of the Soccer World Cup. (AP)
    Fifa president Sepp Blatter said on Wednesday he hopes Nelson Mandela will attend the opening of the Soccer World Cup next week.

    The photo, provided by Nelson Mandela Foundation, shows former South African president Nelson Mandela (left) as he is shown an exhibition by his grandson, Chief Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela (right) in Johannesburg on Tuesday. (AP/Nelson Mandela Foundation)
    Nelson Mandela will likely greet fans and players at the Soccer World Cup opening ceremony before watching the rest of the game from home.
    Danny Jordaan. (AP)
    World Cup organiser Danny Jordaan says the excitement ahead of the tournament reminds him of the day before Nelson Mandela was released from prison.
    Fans celebrate in Tembisa on Friday. (Ricardo Mazalan, AP)
    South African fans declared their undying hope for Bafana Bafana on Friday night, encouraged by its draw against Mexico in the opening match.

    US President Barack Obama.
    The United States president, Barack Obama, will join forces with Nelson Mandela to mount an assault on the bestseller charts.
    Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)
    There could not be a more poignant moment for the release of a book about Nelson Mandela's personal life, writes Mark Gevisser.
    Nelson Mandela makes a surprise appearance at the World Cup final. (Reuters)
    Nelson Mandela briefly visited the stadium just before the World Cup final between Spain and The Netherlands on Sunday.

    Shakira performs at the World Cup closing ceremony at Soccer City on Sunday. (Reuters)
    The World Cup's closing ceremony proved an entirely more glamorous affair than its opening counterpart.
    Former South African president, Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)
    Nelson Mandela's birthday is around the corner and we want to publish your memories of the man.
    Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)
    Nelson Mandela celebrates his 92nd birthday on Sunday, just one week after the World Cup showed off the successes of democratic South Africa.

    Former South African president, Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)
    Tata Madiba turns 92 on Sunday, and will hopefully enjoy a long lie-in, a lazy brunch, and an afternoon with his grandchildren.
    Nelson Mandela and his wife, Graca Machel, are seen ahead of the Soccer World Cup final at Soccer City in Johannesburg on Sunday. (Martin Meissner, AP)
    Congratulatory messages continued to stream in on Friday for former president Nelson Mandela, two days ahead of the struggle icon's 92nd birthday.
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela is pictured with his youngest daughter Zindzi at his home in Johannesburg on Saturday. (Debbie Yazbek, Nelson Mandela  Foundation)
    Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president, turns 92 on Sunday as the world celebrates the first international day in his honour.

    Nelson Mandela blows out candles as he celebrates his birthday in Johannesburg on Sunday. (AP)
    A South African community once riven by anti-foreigner violence came together on Sunday in the spirit of Nelson Mandela to play a little soccer.
    I have no desire to meet Nelson Mandela, writes Verashni Pillay.
    A demonstrator wears a mask of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as anti-government protesters move through central Bangkok in March 20. (Chaiwat Subprasom, Reuters)
    Fugitive former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has appeared in Africa, where he says he is dealing in diamonds and visiting Nelson Mandela.

    Noppadol Pattama, a legal adviser for ousted Thai prime minister and fugitive from justice Thaksin Shinawatra, shows photos of Shinawatra meeting former South African president Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg last month. (Phue Thai Party, AP)
    No business was discussed with the fugitive Thai politician, says foundation.
    The South African man whom supermodel Naomi Campbell testified she gave diamonds to is now facing criminal charges, an official said on Friday.
    Many people don't want to talk about it. Newspapers have been hammered for featuring an artist's musings on it.

    Letters penned in jail by Nelson Mandela reveal his anguish at being separated from his family in the collection Conversations with Myself.
    A recent photograph of former president Nelson Mandela. (Debbie Yazbek, Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sapa)
    A collection of Nelson Mandela's papers reveals his years of heartache at missing his family while in prison and his wariness at becoming idolised.
    Former president Nelson Mandela is seen with a new book titled Conversations with Myself, which contains excerpts of his private journals, letters and personal notes. (Debbie Yazbek, Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sapa)
    A book painting an intimate portrait of Nelson Mandela went on sale Tuesday, offering readers a personal look at the revered figure.

    Winnie Mandela is surrounded by police after her third arrest in 19 85. Nelson Mandela’s prison letters in Conversations with Myself drive home the torment he felt over the police persecution of Winnie and his inability to protect her. He also tells of “the many sleepless nights” and “mental torture” he suffered on her account. (AP)
    Conversations with Myself yields some new facts but few personal details.
    The Last Supper, which has allegedly attracted a $2,5-million bid
    Questions hang over price and proceeds of signed artwork.
    'Mandela autopsy' artist unveils completed work
    Towering black Highveld storm clouds gathered overhead as Yiull Damaso unveiled his completed "Mandela corpse" artwork on Tuesday night.

    One of David Goldblatt’s photographs of pedestrian crossings on Eloff Street, Johannesburg, shot in 1967.
    Mark Gevisser looks at the images that have captured our nation.
    Founder and editor of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, is pictured in London on July 27. (Max Nash, AP)
    The set of US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks this weekend, which sent shockwaves through the world, has a South African twist.
    Founder and editor of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, is pictured in London on July 27. (Max Nash, AP)
    Leaked dispatch shows South African president FW de Klerk gave African National Congress leader set of release proposals for negotiation.

    The M&G's Faranaaz Parker rounds up five quirky things you may have missed over the last week.
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela looks on as his assistant Zelda la Grange helps adjust his hearing aid at the Mandela Foundation in Houghton on November 28 2008. (Reuters)
    Former president Nelson Mandela remained in Milpark Hospital receiving care for an apparent respiratory condition on Thursday afternoon.
    Nelson Mandela as we remember him. (AP)
    While the Mandela family and ANC leaders visited Milpark on Thursday, the rest of the country huddled in the 'national waiting room'.

    It lies lost and buried beneath the ground. Verashni Pillay imagines what it may be used for.
    Former president Nelson Mandela. (AP)
    News of Nelson Mandela's hospital visit sparked wild rumours internationally. The M&G's Vuvu Vena gives her craziest five.
    Nelson Mandela. (AP)
    Former president Nelson Mandela is recovering well from a respiratory infection and is in "good health", the government said on Thursday.

    Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)
    The ANC and Cosatu on Friday paid tribute to Nelson Mandela on the 21st anniversary of his release from prison.
    Nelson Mandela (M&G)
    Former South African president, 92, in good humour and looking forward to boxing, says Zindzi Mandela-Hlongwane.
    Children from a school adjacent to Milpark hospital in Jo'burg show off a placard for Nelson Mandela when he was hospitalised last month. (Siphiwe Sibeko, Reuters)
    A good, peaceful death is as important as a good life and it requires the will of the living to let go.

    One man feels it the Berg will benefit if one mountain peak is named after Nelson Mandela but his suggestion has been met with concern.
    Journalists on Tuesday look through documents about the life of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg on Tuesday, which will soon be available on Google. (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
    The Nelson Mandela Foundation and Google say they have begun digitising thousands of unseen Mandela files to make them available online.
    Nelson Mandela. (AP)
    The owner of the house where Mandela buried his gun as a young freedom fighter is reportedly asking unaffordable price for it to be returned.

    "Nelson Mandela International Day" was launched by a panel of schoolchildren on Monday in the absence of the recuperating former president.
    Former president Nelson Mandela,seen here in a file picture from 1994. (AP)
    Nelson Mandela is now on Twitter, after his foundation convinced a British man to hand over the @NelsonMandela account, his office said on Monday.
    Former president Nelson Mandela acknowledges cheers from a Soweto crowd as he prepares to unveil the ANC's official election platform in January 1994. (David Brauchli, AP)
    To remember Madiba, we need to take the reins off his symbolic representation, writes Eve Fairbanks.

    A young Nelson Mandela. (Jurgen-Schadenberg, AP)
    Almost half a century ago, Nelson Mandela walked 20 paces from the kitchen of his hideout north of Johannesburg and dug a pit and buried a pistol.
    Former President Nelson Mandela (AP)
    Former President Nelson Mandela will vote in Wednesday's local government elections, his daughter Zenani Dlamini said on Friday.
    Former president Nelson Mandela (Reuters)
    Former president Nelson Mandela will cast a special vote at his Houghton home, north of Johannesburg, on Monday, the IEC said.

    Nelson Mandela (Reuters)
    An election official says former president Nelson Mandela has cast an early ballot in upcoming local elections and is looking "healthy and handsome".
    Former president Nelson Mandela, at his home in Johannesburg on Monday (Peter Morey)
    Former president Nelson Mandela is recovering well from his illness and in "good spirits", President Jacob Zuma said after visiting him on Tuesday
    Former South African president Nelson Mandela casts an early ballot in the local government elections at his home in Johannesburg on May 16, assisted by his granddaughter, Ndileka Mandela. (AP/GCIS)
    Former president Nelson Mandela has flown to his birthplace in his first trip outside Johannesburg since leaving hospital in January.

    Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)
    Nelson Mandela is on his way back to his home in Johannesburg following a recent visit to his birthplace in Qunu, the Presidency has said.
    Albertina Sisulu.  (Themba Hadebe, AP file)
    Nelson Mandela has praised anti-apartheid heroine Albertina Sisulu as "the mother of all our people", in a statement at her funeral.