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'The old man is incredible'
In celebration of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday this week, Monako Dibetle asked children born in 1994 who they think Madiba is.

Thabo Thusi -- Rambrandt Park
Date of birth: January 18 1994
Grade 8, Jeppe Boys' High
"I know that Nelson Mandela was sent to jail for 27 years because he wanted to make peace between black and white people in South Africa," says Thabo.

Thabo says Mandela's dream of making black and white people appreciate each other is slowly becoming true. "He did not succeed at first but I know that one day his dream will come true."

Mandela is a peaceful man, Thabo says, and he deserves all the attention he gets from everybody.

"I wish everybody would follow his footsteps so that the world becomes a better place. For his birthday I'd like to say to him: happy birthday and thank you for being a good example to the world."

Thabo says people such as Mugabe have a lot to learn from Madiba, for whom, he adds, he wants to buy a large painting for his birthday.

"I'd buy him a painting of himself to put up on the wall so that he could always see the great man he has become. I also wish to live until I am 90 so that I can have his wisdom and experience," he says.

Thabiso Mohlomi -- Soweto
Date of birth: October 2 1994
Grade 8, Mosala High School

"Madiba deserves an aeroplane. I am tired of seeing him on TV coming out of big Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs. I want to get him a small aeroplane he can use to go anywhere, even to Pick n Pay to buy his groceries," Thabiso says.

Thabiso is a dancer. He says most of his free time is spent practising the latest dance moves he sees on the SABC television show, Jika Majika.

"But I don't want to be a dancer all my life. I want to be a teacher like Mandela. He taught the people so many things. My grandmother says Madiba sacrificed his life for us and that he has brought us a lot of things such as the lights, tarred streets and houses," Thabiso says.

Karabo Mabena -- Soweto
Date of birth: April 12 1994
Grade 8, Mosala High School

Karabo is your quintessential kasie youngster, who enjoys football more than any other thing on the planet. Come weekend, he stays glued to the television screen for some local football action and thinks Orlando Pirates's Excellent Walaza is "the next big thing in South African football".

"Bigger than Mandela," he says.

But Karabo's knowledge of Nelson Mandela is vague. He says he has heard a lot of people discussing him and that at school they were taught about him and the struggle against apartheid.

"Ja, I know him. He's very old now. At school they told us that Mandela fought for our freedom from the white people. My teachers also told us that we would not be what we are today if Mandela did not spend many years in prison for us."

Karabo, who aspires to become a footballer or pilot one day, emphasises that he knows if there was no Mandela he "would not be able to realise [his] dreams".

"I am proud of him anyway and I wish to see him one day. If I was rich I'd just go to town and buy him a Hummer. He deserves to drive in comfort."

Jessie Rose Kurgan Lewis -- Parkview
Date of birth: August 12 1994
Grade 8, King David High School

"Happy birthday Madiba and thank you very much for saving this wonderful country from the grips of oppression and segregation. Thank you for bringing us out of depression and struggle," says Jessie.

Chef wannabe, Jessie first heard Mandela's name from her parents' conversations. She says she learned more about the man at primary school when South Africa celebrated 10 years of democracy in 2004.

"He fought so hard for everybody, black and white. He brought back hope for the people of South Africa and I am grateful for that."

For the best president the world has ever seen, Jessie thinks Mandela deserves "another shirt" for his 90th birthday.

"I know he has many shirts, but I think he deserves another one from me," she says.

Saul Musker -- Emmarentia
Date of birth: December 18 1994
Grade 8, King David High School

"You know I always wanted to become an engineer but lately I feel that I want to become a human rights lawyer more than anything," says Saul, referring to the recent xenophobic attacks and human rights violations across the continent.

"Nelson Mandela, George Bizos and Albert Luthuli were all human rights lawyers and I want to be like them," he says.

Saul says most of his knowledge of Madiba came from his parents when he was growing up and at school, where they were taught in detail about his struggles.

"What I know is that Madiba is a great political and human rights activist. He was convicted for his progressive anti-apartheid views by the past regime. He is also the first democratically elected president of South Africa."

Saul thinks apartheid robbed the country of many years and that it is the single cruellest thing to happen to humankind after the holocaust.

"This year I'd like to say to Madiba: happy birthday and thank you for being a beacon of hope to South Africans and the world."

Saul says Madiba deserves a letter for his birthday.

"I'd give him a letter in which I'd tell him what a great man he is and how thankful I am to be born in the year he became the first democratically voted president of South Africa," Saul says.

Kamogelo Modisakeng -- Kensington
Date of birth: July 14 1994
Grade 8, Dominican Convent School

"Oooh, I'd love to be so many things; a poet, an author, photographer or interior designer -- all of these because I am not very good at maths," Kamogelo says.

"Who, Madiba? The old man is incredible. Look, he was in jail for 27 years but managed to come out and become the best president ever. There is absolutely nothing keeping him down and everybody just loves him. I love him too."

Apartheid, Kamogelo says, was "not on". She says nobody deserved to be put to jail for so long for wanting to free the people. "For his birthday this year Madiba deserves a big thank you. Anyway, what do you give to a person who has the whole world calling him their father or grandpa. He has everything."