The world pays tribute to Mandela (slideshow)
As South Africans come to terms with the loss of former president Nelson Mandela, the rest of the world bids farewell to Madiba.

Pimples: Saving Madiba's rabbit (video)
Gwede, Mac and Blade try their best to stop the rabbit from whispering in Mandela's ear. But the elusive animal has some tricks up its sleeve.

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Mandela: SA's greatest son laid to rest (slideshow)
The world watched as Nelson Mandela was finally laid to rest in his hometown of Qunu following a dignified and moving funeral ceremony on Sunday.
It's going to take more than 67 minutes
Judging by the responses to a street survey this week, ordinary South Africans probably won't be spending 67 minutes giving something back.

Judging by the responses to a brief street survey this week, ordinary South Africans probably won't be spending 67 minutes giving something back to their communities.

The majority of people interviewed responded to the words "Mandela Day" with comments such as "Mandela Day? Is that a new public holiday?"

Politicians, being politicians, have promised to be out in force, with President Jacob Zuma spending time with elderly Ivory Park residents while Minerals and Energy Minister Dipuo Peters will help paint houses in Noupoort.

This week Minister of Arts and Culture Lulama Xingwana launched what has been termed "Moral Regeneration Month" and made some broad remarks as to what this would entail at a meeting with traditional leaders in Polokwane.

She said that "volunteerism" and community development should be strived for ahead of the Soccer World Cup.

While this all looks good on paper, in practice it means nothing.

There will undoubtedly be some kind souls who will spend time doing good deeds, but to merely make a call for "volunteerism" and expect South Africans to heed the call en masse is worse than useless.

While one day a year may be better than nothing, it's going to take more than that to stem the tide of violent crime, rape and the HIV/Aids pandemic.

Nelson Mandela
The world's most-celebrated freedom fighter turns 91 this week. During a lifetime of selfless devotion to the causes of others, this icon has taught the world about love, forgiveness, compassion and peace. Happy birthday, Madiba.
Congress of the People
ANC-breakaway party the Congress of the People has been beset by problems of late. Infighting, the resignation of its second deputy president, Lynda Odendaal, and harsh criticism from figures within point to tricky times ahead for the fledgling party.

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The debate in the media on who really runs the country has caused unnecessary consternation and much teeth-grinding among some in the ruling elite who view it as undermining President Jacob Zuma.

3. In South Africa, rape is linked to manhood
Dumisani Rebombo had not been circumcised, did house chores considered girls' work and was sick of being taunted for not being a man. So he took the only other course considered "manly" in his rural South African village: He raped a girl.

4. Will South Africa reclaim its mines?
Nationalisation of the mines is a cry that goes echoing down South Africa's history. For this country is built on its mines -- even today, they account for a good half of exports, let alone foreign exchange, for this is perhaps the most fabulously endowed nation on the planet.

5. ANC U-turn on mines
Nationalising mines is not a government priority, a member of President Jacob Zuma's executive has told the Mail & Guardian.

6. From boom to bust
In just three years the SABC went from a profit of R383-million to a projected R1-billion loss this year.

Cope was 'born and ran, didn't have the time to crawl'

The Congress of the People have "co-opted" the former deputy president of the country, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, into its national leadership.

8. ANC North West leaders face chop
The ANC's national working committee is expected to recommend that the North West provincial leadership be disbanded and that four of its key leaders should not stand for re-election.

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