Gcobani Poltini's Tribute
I don't have a close memory or experience with Utatomkhulu Mandela. But when he was released from Prison in 1990 I remember exactly where. I was. It was a great moment for a 6 year old at that time to see that excitement in people in my community gathering in groups to watch television as we know they were scarce at that time to witness the release of this our leader. I do not have words to describe how I feel about what he has done for South Africa, Africa and the world. It was a great moment in South Africa I could see it in the eyes of the elders in jubilation at that time. I want to wish you Tatomkhulu Mandela a very happy birthday. i had a pleasure of visiting Qunu last year to see where you grew up and it was so fascinating to read about your life. Ukhule ube na 120 years tatomkhulu uthixo akubusise. this picture is the stone where he used to play in the early years of his life while watching cattles in the fields.
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