Tamerat's Tribute
I just completed reading the book Mandela a Biography by Martin Meredith. I am glad I did because it was one of my life long desires. The book is as candid as possible on the life and struggles of Mandela and the aftermath of the unity government. I believe that Martin makes the struggles sound a little bit romantic. It makes me want to struggle against my own government in Ethiopia for the greater good. I am glad that Ethiopia had a little bit share in that struggle for freedom in South Africa. Madiba may have started somethig good but it seems to me from the look of current affairs that South Africa is going the way of other African countries and failed democracies. If Black South Africans don't learn to appreciate White South Africans and if they don't learn to live together, and if there are no checks and balances among the ANC, I am afraid that South Africa will become another Mozambique in the near future. May God protect South Africa from any such negative things. God bless Mandela and his family as well as the people of South Africa.
Added 1 decade ago