Kirsten Dewar's Tribute
Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela. Warrior, statesman, freedom fighter, Nobel Prize winner, Africa’s most celebrated and most humble son. How we via to wear, be associated with, claim your“ 46664”. Little did your captors realise that the prison number they gave you, to rob you of your identity, to hurt and belittle and humble you, would one day be synonymous - across the world - with liberty, justice, and freedom, the catalyst for a nation so unique, so diverse, so blessed, that no rainbow could ever rival it. You, who have transcended age, colour, gender, race and nationality – have taught us to choose reconciliation; flatten our spears into plough shares; share each other's burdens and cherish and value humanity - in all its shapes and sizes and colours. You inspire us like no other. Just as you once said that talking to a man in a language he understands, goes to his head, but talking to him in his language, goes to his heart: Tata mkulu, we love you, respect you, and have heard you - you have indeed, gone to our hearts. Happy birthday, Madiba!
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