Jean Medard's Tribute
Making the world a better place and fighting for what is right has caracterized the social and political life of Madiba up to now. It is really good for me to be able to say Happy birthday Madiba. I wish you many more years and I pray that God will rise in this world many more leaders as you. As a black Cameroonian man, I would not have been able to stay and work in South Africa if you did not do what you did: "Free SOUTH AFRICA from white and black domination and lay the foundation of a society living in Harmony". I am very happy that you live to see that dream comes true Madiba and I thank God for you, for you life and values that are like light for any one who dream of a better world. Thank you Madiba, Happy birthday and Many more years to you. Thank you to MG for the opportunity to do this.
Added 1 decade ago