Julian Jacobs's Tribute
- Madiba was visiting the University of the Western Cape...I was a student at the time and a Student Voice (Varsity paper) reporter. We were sent to cover his visit. We were not allowed inside the venue for his discussions, but as he came out of the room. I was the first person he saw. And without fear I asked a few questions, shook his hand. My photographer was suppose to take the photo, but he didn’t as he was awe struck. Madiba referred me to Alan Boesak to answer some of my questions. - Madiba visited Manenberg in 1994 just before the first elections. I covered this event as a reporter for the local community newspaper, the Cape Docta. I again shook his hand and asked him some questions around his election promises. He again visited Manenberg in 1996 to assist a local candidate to win the elections. - I was in Soweto in October 1995 when he paid a visit to watch a cricket game between a Soweto XI team and the visiting English cricket team. I managed to get pass his security for him to sign my copy of his book...His hands were so soft and big. I was in awe of him all those times and his gentle spirit spoke words beyond measure.
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