Mandela: SA's greatest son laid to rest (slideshow)
The world watched as Nelson Mandela was finally laid to rest in his hometown of Qunu following a dignified and moving funeral ceremony on Sunday.

SA says goodbye to Tata (video)
Thousands of South Africans lined the streets of Pretoria to get a chance to pay their final respects to Nelson Mandela at the Union Buildings.

Reflecting on Mandela's state memorial (video)
We take a look at some of the high and low points of Mandela's memorial, including Barack Obama's speech, booing crowds and Desmond Tutu's reprimand.

Mandela: The sacrificial man (podcast)
On the final instalment of M&G Newsroom for 2013, Mandela family spokesperson General Themba Matanzima tells us about Madiba the family man.

Prayer and worship for Madiba (slideshow)
South Africans of all denominations have been gathering to remember Madiba since Friday evening.
Nelson Mandela Copyright. (Shaun Harris)
The state agency allegedly responsible for distributing a picture of Madiba globally says it is seeking an amicable resolution to the matter.
Madiba Naomi Campbell. (Anna Zieminski)
A new book considers the ‘diplomatic afterlife’ of Mandela in relation to former presidents Carter, Clinton and Blair.

Memories of Madiba in Mauritius
No less than Madiba found balm for the soul in the magnificent milieu of Mauritius’s Le Saint Géran.

Across the road from Mandela’s former home in Alexandra is the town's heritage centre, which lies incomplete over 10 years after construction began.
Citing heritage concerns, the township’s residents have stonewalled the building of a museum.

Attempts to honour, or cash in on, the world icon have too often bordered on the farcical.
Attempts to honour, or cash in on, the world icon have too often bordered on the farcical.

Michael Elion's sculpture Perceiving Freedom_Supplied
A new sculpture that neatly aligns commercial interests with art and our history has the twitterati frothing about apparent opportunism.

Nelson Mandela is cast all too often as a messiah figure, while his bitter relationship with FW de Klerk (left) is glossed over. (AP)
Textbooks erringly cast him as a messiah without flaws and largely divorce him from the ANC.

Mandela mourning period draws to a close
Former president Nelson Mandela's family was expected in Qunu on Saturday to mark the end of the mourning period after his death in December.

Kutlwano Masote, Unathi Mtirara and Sibusiso Njeza from Madiba the African Opera.
According to the producer of "Madiba: The African Opera" there are no funds because the Lotto did not pay out the promised amount.